Imported Canadian workers have forced themselves into Vietnam by deceptively and dishonestly claiming a "English teacher" purpose for their visa applications, and then have demanded an ultimate leadership power position over the work there. 

Opposing native workers where crowded out of the work and all who oppose rejected from the fellowship.


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Account of the Vietnam division
by Cherie Kropp

This comprehensive documentation is the result of extensive research by Cherie Kropp into the issue, where she has been in direct contact with  many of the people directly involved, and has secured a large number of  the documents and pictures that explain the ugly chain of events thus far..

Preface -Mission Statement

Chapter 1 – The GOLDEN TIME - 1956-1975

Chapter 2 - Canadian Overseers Arrive – Late 1990’s

Chapter 3 - Continuing in The Way as Before – 2010-2013


Photos of Vietnam in TTT Photo Gallery

Cherie Kropp is an established and well respected researcher and author documenting 2x2 history and development.

She hosts the sites (TTT)
that present her findings and work

Her site  (TTT) is clearly the largest, and by far the  most objective and professional 2x2 information site on Internet. It represents an enormous amount of work and many of us are very thankful for the well substantiated light it sheds on so many 'darkened', 'ignored' and 'hidden' issues..

Site objectives:
In response to the unfolding story of very serious 2x2 misconduct in Vietnam, this  site went online Jan. 2014. The objective of the site is simply to document and share the convictions, feelings and inner emotions of folks directly involved.

 Personal accounts describing  very significant and touching apects of the lives and situation of some most wonderful and God fearing people in Vietnam,

Folks, that  with the hope of finding understanding and moral support, have chosen to share their experience with others who also have an understanding of the history, indifference and cold-handed methods of 2x2ism.  

Our first local worker and elders unite and stand for The Truth. (clickable pix)
(Minh Thanh's caption to this picture)

The folks involved

approx 100 friends, 5 elders, several workers (as of the spring of 2014)

One of the wonderful and impressive aspects of the folks directly involved in the Vietnam 2x2 moral meltdown, is to notice the fact that their concerns are not just to identify and avoid the uncontestable wrong doings of 2x2ism -- 

Their main concern is clearly something far greater and far higher ---- Their main concern is to simply preserve and maintain the privelage and freedom to practice the spirit of Christ in their daily lives -- and then of course as part of this, to spread the gospel story according to the leadings of the the spirit of God to their own hearts - to the folks arround them. Isn't this the genuine Christian spirit Jesus taught?

Canadian imported 2x2 leadership has clearly become a major obstacle and stumbling block in their efforts to, in fellowship with their friends, serve the God that is so dear to them --  Instead 2x2ism  has only focused on the organizational leaderships right to 'be the boss' and 'make the rules' and to discard anyone who would dare suggest otherwise.  They have this capacity only because of the  superior financial muscle  their organization manipulates  to achieve this end.


Perhaps this verse is fitting when we think of 2x2isms frantic and selfish efforts to stop these native Vietnamese workers from spreading the gospel to their own people.

Matt 23:13 
But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. 

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May 2013  I received a very, very touching letter from an 86 year old man (NGUYEN HUU BAU) in Vietnam who had  proffessed in 1961 -  He and his wife were one of the first proffessing couples in the country -They had a Sunday meeting in his home for many many years -- They have 7 children -- 4 of them with a history of  meetings in their homes. He is on the above pix. This is the letter

I have never personally met any of these Vietnamese people -- but am well acquainted with some of the workers from North America that are the prime acters in the problems involved. This concerned 86 year old gentleman (NGUYEN HUU BAU) had noticed a striking similarity with the account of Marg Magowans expulsion from the work in Saskatchewan in 2001, and this is what prompted him to write to me. His daughter  (Minh Thanh) helped him with translation and with the technicalities of email and has admiraly continued to supply information and shared her feelings on developments..

Some of the many folks that have been directly involved, or have been anxious to share their concern

Bau with his family 1964, 3 years after they professed
(clickable pix)

Minh Thanh and her husband Xuân Hoán

Hoan Nguyen (granddaughter till Bau)

Vu Trung Hien
(brother of the banished worker Chau)

Ross Boden
An ex from Autralia  knowledgable about 2x2ism in the region.

 (American moderator of the TMB)

of the unfolding story of the enormous grief caused by North American (Canadian) workers 'political takeover' of the work in Vietnam these latest years, quite against the will of many of the native friends and workers. Some native workers were forced by the imported  2x2 self-appointed leadership  to quit the work because of their concern ..  others where banished to other countries. Many of these native friends were left in excruciating sorrow over what had been taken away from them.

It has become obvious that it is the superior financial muscle of the North American 2x2 organization that made this ugly 'hostile takeover' possible.  And it is many of the same self-important acters in the Alberta mass-excommunications and fallout,  a number of  years ago, that are involved in Vietnam as well.

Bau (86) and his wife (82)

Native Vietnameze citizen Chau originally expelled from the work, but then sent out of the country  by North American 2x2 leadership

Vietnameze citizen, Hoa also rejected from the work in Vietnam


The disturbing thing is not just  that a few of the leadership figures within the organization have made morally deficient political decisions, but rather the disturbing fact is that a major part of the solid international  membership that one would expect  to have an  interest in truth--- have chosen the easier, but moral cowards solution - and washed their hands of responsibility as they piously turn their heads and look the other way!

In spite of the fact that they know full well the cruel political self-interest  at the top of their organization,  and kan understand the pain of their victims, 99% of them choose to follow the selfish example of the priests and the Levite in Luke 10 -- and just look the other way, and somewhat embarrassed, scurry by on the other side of the road.  - "not my problem"!

Lower level friends and workers that  have clearly chosen to ignore and just pretend it hasn't happened -- and have chosen to turn away and leave the victims with their pain and isolation. This is a well known product of 2x2ism.  Moral deterioration!  - Folks being honorable people anxious to stand for Christian values when they first professed, but then as the leaven of 2x2sim does its work, degenerating into folks who won't even move a finger to support truth and righteousness in their fellow men -- but rather chose to  regard gaining the approval of organizational leadership to be the only  important issue. 

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