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It is impossible to deny the 'secret society' nature of the entire 2x2 organization
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Many earlier letters began with (Do not share or forward!)

It is sad but true that for honest 2x2 membership the only source of reliable internal information is via the ex-2x2 communities that exist --- unsanctioned by organizational leadership.

This is expecially true regarding negatve issues such as sexual improprieties amongst workers where the first response is no response at all ... (8 months of silence in the case of Dean Bruer -- workers obviously hadn't  planed to inform folks at all) 

Then when suspicions arise .. the response is to diminsh significance  and imply that senior workers have taken unspecified action to 'deal with it' --

When and if calls for clarification arise -- The blame for unneccesary concern is placed  on bitter exes that 'just want to cause trouble'. (revolutionary 'bad' folks)

If this should fail to calm ... A frantic flurry of non-descriptive  texts with vague suggestions of "we've got it under control" - With the recuring- "Just trust us because God himself trusts us!!  --- "And above all things don't listen or read anything from souces outside top ranking workers"

The non-transparency doesn't only exist in sexual abuse issues

The general economics of 2x2 operational activity described as 'manna from heaven' is a complete deception - denying the proven existance of an intricate financial system that only top workers have access or even knowledge of.

Financing the comprehensive conventions system is carefully hidden from 'ordinary membership'    -- but anyone with the slightest interest in mathematics and logic can figure out that 20 dollar handshake contributions are only a drop in the bucket.  Large amounts of money kept in undisclosed accounting systems .... with absolutely no transparency or independant control.

The implication of that the only leader is 'God' is complete deception .. the organizational hiarchy is well understood at lower levels but never documented to be understood by 'ordinary folks'.  The top level appointment system is never even mentioned--- but quite obviously exists.

Inspite of a denial of its existance, there is an extensive rule system for membership regarding many aspects of personal life --- dress and apperarance code, TV possesion, social life etc etc .  -- yet once inside the group it becomes evident and everyone knows the painful result of disregarding this rule system.


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